San Juan Capistrano Is One Of The Most Beautiful Towns In California!

Los Rios Historic District - San Juan Capistrano

San Juan Capistrano is the most beautiful town in California I ever visited. Historic Mission, unique landscape and lush flowers make it so attractive for artists and tourists from all over the world.

Flowers in San Juan Capistrano

I could not believe my eyes when I saw all those sea shells and rock creations. I wanted to stay there and absorb all the spirit and uniqueness of this small town.

San Juan Capistrano Artisans Creation

You see, I run a small Etsy store where I sell all my ocean inspired blue tone glazed pottery. My pots and cups have unique design and after customers asked to personalize them, I started doing very bold and memorable personalization. I have a collection of personalization quotes which my customers find really cute and helpful. One lady sent me a picture from Personalization Mall and asked to make a flower pot exactly like on their website. I never copy anyones products but I tried my best to make a flower pot that she really loved. Then she send me a link to Personalization Mall coupons and said if I could match the price. This is how I started to offer coupons for my Etsy store. But believe me, people often come back not because of the coupons, but because of the quality and selection of items that I offer. Personalization Mall can be good but it is not the place for one of a kind items. The only way to get your one of a kind gift is to ask your local or Etsy artisan to create it. One time. Just for you. And never copy again. But for that, you need inspiration and time. Lots of it.

Las Catrinas Boutique

I find my inspirations from the the small towns and small places like San Juan Capistrano. Sometimes I am getting so excited that I forget to eat. While walking on the street and looking for food, I found this absolutely adorable small cafe. Girls in tiaras and in royal looking gowns were gathering near that place.

The Tea House on Los Rios

Tea House in Los Rios - that was the exact name of the place. Having High Tea - was my childhood dream.

The Tea House Restaurant on Los Rios

So finding this place was the highlight of my day. I never experienced anything like it. The tea was full of aroma, the pastries were unbelievable tasty. Finally, a place for a young artist to create and fulfill.

The Tea House Restaurant Inside

If you are in the area, here are the coordinates: 31731 Los Rios St, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Catering Service From The Tea House on Los Rios