15 Not to Miss Things about Tucson, Arizona

If you ever find yourself in the Western US, Tucson is a must visit place because of its cool vibes, nature, and culture. Read these interesting facts and decide if this city is for you:

1. Sunny disposition

It turns out Tucson is the most perfect place for sun tanning in the United States, because while Florida is called the sunshine state, it’s actually Tucson that gets the most sun, entire 350 days per year. Talk about dry heat and clear skies!

2. Saguaro cactus

We might associate cactus with Mexico, especially Saguaro, but the biggest concentration of these plants is actually around this city of Arizona. They are majestic, old, and attract tourists from all over the place.

3. Pima Air & Space Museum

This compound in Pima, is one of the best known private museums in the world. This means that the museum is not financed by the government. The organization has some of the most amazing artifacts from a long history of American flying dreams, WWII aircraft, and modern space exploration vehicles.

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4. Saguaro National Park

This park is very popular and is one of the busiest parks in the U.S., so naturally, many people think that it is old to be this famous. It turns out this park is one of the newer ones, established in 1994, and featuring close to 100,000 acres of majestic cactus. It is currently second most visited national park in the country, which is not bad for something open for just 26 years.

5. Colossal Cave

To this day nobody has reached its end, because it is one of the largest dry caverns not only in the U.S., but the entire world. Whatever you do, make some time and visit this natural wonder. Who knows, maybe you will be the lucky explorer to see its deepest end.

6. Corn

Archeologists are finding the oldest corn kernels around Tucson, Arizona. This is why it is sometimes called the birthplace of corn. Some kernels are 4000 years old. This shows that people lived around Pima for that long and they enjoyed corn.

7. Snake bridge

You can walk inside a giant metal snake in Tucson. The bridge over Broadway Blvd is shaped like a giant serpent and is pretty cool. You have to enter through the jaws and fangs of this diamondback rattlesnake and exit through its tale. And would you wonder why diamondback rattle snake was chosen? Be careful where you step while viewing those famous cacti!

Red Rocks in Arizona

8. Scorpions

In this day and age scientists can still find new exciting fauna species, like the case of a scorpion from Santa Catalina Mountains, which surround Tucson. The mountains feature isolated islands, where all kinds of life forms flourish.

9. Arizona purchase

The southern part of Arizona was bought by the US from Mexico in 1854 for $10 million and added a cool 30,000 territory. This enabled the construction of railroad for Gadsden.

10. University of Arizona

The story of this university is a unique one. It was established 21 years before Arizona became a state, in 1891. Usually it happens the other way around.

11. The story of 4 flags

Arizona has seen quite a few flags in its rich history. First, it was Spanish flag. After 1821 it was Mexican flag until the sale to the US in 1854. After that the city and state were US territory until Civil War, during which Arizona joined the confederacy and flew the Confederate flag for a few months until the Union replaced it with stars and stripes again in June, 1862.

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12. Local jaguars

One of only 2 wild jaguars in the US lives around Tucson and is kind of famous. He was first seen in 2011 and can be spotted now and then stalking prey in the Santa Rita Mountains. People gave him El Jefe name and are protecting it, because only 15,000 wild jaguars are left in the world.

13. Tucson Art scene

Culture is plentiful in Tucson. Besides plentiful museums and galleries, you can also find the UA’s Center for Creative Photography, which was started by famous Ansel Adams. Visitors can find original prints displayed there.

14. Tucson golfing

Tucson is famous for its picturesque golf courses and opportunities to play a game or two while enjoying the views of surrounding mountains. Golf courses in Tucson are known worldwide and attract gamers from everywhere.

15. Star gazing

Tucson is one of the best places in the US to see stars with less light interference than in any other city. Pima County decided to dedicate its night skies to stars and made “dark sky” law, which regulates the amount of lights and brightness outdoors. This was to help local observatories like Kitt Peak one, but as a result we all can enjoy darker night skies lit only by stars.

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